Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thats all folks!

Hey gang.  I know I havent written much in the last year or so.  Life has been busy with work and school and such.  But I happy to announce my new blog Mr. Game & Blog!  Unfortunately I don't have time to manage two separate blogs so I'm saying fare thee well to this blog.  I'll keep this blog up and running but just know that I won't be posting anything any more on here.  So you can visit this site but by all means;  You just won't be getting anything out of it.  So what I'm getting at is... go and visit and give my new site and show it some love.  And if you could shamelessly plug it to your friends.  Do this and Baby Jesus will love you.  Seriously he told me he would.

Here's the link again incase you missed the hyperlink above.

Peace out!  Bitches!

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